Republican Scientific and Practical Conference of Students

Twenty-fifth of April in the liberal arts college named Magzhan Zhumabaeva hosted a scientific- Practical Conference of Students, dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the birth of Magzhan Zhumabaeva.
The purpose of the conference: to acquaint the younger generation with the creative heritage of the outstanding Kazakh poet Magzhan Zhumabaeva; develop the historical, creative thinking, Kazakhstan patriotism educate the younger generation in the framework of the implementation of the Message of President of Kazakhstan "Strategy" Kazakhstan – 2050»: a new policy established state ", Programs "spiritual", Message of "New opportunities of development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution".
The conference was attended by students of the area colleges, as well as invited guests - students of colleges g. Families.
At the conference of our college students we achieved the following results:
In the category "human and national values ​​in the works M.Zhumabayev: yesterday and today "Diploma of the second degree awarded Turtaeva Moldir, Student hundred and thirty fourth group ( Head Eshmukanova AM).
In the nomination "Let the sun my heart will be the earthly sphere" the owner of the Diploma of the second degree has become Omarova Alia , two hundred and seventeenth student group ( Tulubaeva Head SK).
In the category "M.Zhumabaev in the modern world" was awarded the Diploma vtoroystepeni Uttibaeva Raushan, student two hundred and second groups ( rukovoditel Jandildina KB), and third degree certificates awarded Tashkenbaeva Gulmira, student of two hundred and twenty third group ( Head Garden AM).