Ethnic festival "Under the common Shanyrak"

18 March construction Petropavlovsk-Economic College was the ethnic festival "Under the common Shanyrak", dedicated blessed holiday Nauryz. At the event were invited guests – veterans of pedagogical work Catherine Kulesza losifovna and Ensegenova Nagima Gabbasovna. At the beginning of the holiday, in the good old tradition, rites "shashu" and "bata" were held. First-year students have presented 12 nationalities, who are enrolled in college. There were funny Ukrainians, power and the Germans, and hospitable Kazakhs and hot Caucasians are representatives of the Chechen diaspora. Under the College shanyrak sounded poems in different languages, guys talked about the traditions and customs of their people, dancing, sang the most beautiful songs in Ukrainian, Kazakh, Russian, Tatar and other languages ​​of nations, living in our ancient Kazakh zemle.I despite, The festival was held in the form of competition, the winners were not here, It was only a friendship, peace and harmony between peoples, которые населяют наше государство-Республику Казахстан!