technology Office

The technological department trains specialists for public catering enterprises.

Specialty 1226000 - "Technology and Production catering products " approved by the order of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 3, 2008 No. 273-od.

Qualification according to the Classifier by profession and specialties of technical and vocational education of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan 05-2008:

1226043 Technician-technologist

Having received the qualification of a technician - technologist, service manager, our graduates can:

- organize the work of production shops;

– open any catering establishment on a professional basis;

- control the quality of food preparation;

– organize exhibitions, fairs and sales of culinary and confectionery products.

They have the right to obtain a license to open a private cafe, restaurant, bar.

After graduating from college, graduates work:

- Heads of catering enterprises;

– Technologists of public catering enterprises;

- Production managers;

– Hall administrators (head waiters);

– Chefs, confectioners of high qualification;

- Bartenders.

That gives them the opportunity to be an interesting person, a bright personality who knows how to receive guests, decorate the festive table beautifully and in an original way, organize any kind of banquet and serve it.

Training period:

-on the basis of 9 classes -3 years 10 months

-on the basis of 11 classes -2 years 10 months

(form of education - budgetary, commercial)

Based on this specialty, since the 2017 academic year, taking into account the monitoring of demand at catering establishments, a new specialty has been opened:

050800 Catering

Work Qualifications:


Training period:

-on the basis of 11 classes 2 years 10 months

(form of education - budgetary, commercial)