Construction department

Construction department prepares mid-level professionals in the specialty "Construction and operation of buildings and structures".

qualification "technician-builder"

qualification "mason"

qualification "plasterer"

The objects of professional activity of a construction technician are government bodies, construction enterprises, design organizations, construction laboratories, cooperatives of apartment owners, state and interstate institutions, various structures that are directly or indirectly related to the possible field of activity of students in this specialty.

The form of education is full-time, part-time.

Training period:

on the basis of 9 classes - 3 years 6 months,

on the basis of 11 classes - 2 years 6 months.

(form of education - budgetary)

Education is carried out according to the state order (budget) with Russian and the state languages ​​of instruction.

1412000-“Production of building structures and products”

qualification 1412032 "Moulder in the production of wall and knitting materials".

qualification 1412022 "Shiktovshchik"

qualification 1412022 "Technologist"

List of documents for admission:

1. Document on education (original)

2. Medical certificate (form 086 U) with a fluorophotograph, vaccination card.

3. 6 photos in size (3x4)

4. Passport (identity card, birth certificate) - original and photocopy

5. Document on attitude to military duty (original) and photocopy

6. UNT certificate

7. A copy of the identity card of one of the parents.

8. Characteristics from school (original)