Saken Seifullin: "Poet true and proud"

10 October construction Petropavlovsk-Economic College in the "center of the world and the consent of the" workers of the library together with the Central City Library. I.Shuhova was conducted poetic hour to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Kazakh literature Saken Seifullin.

The purpose of the event: acquaintance with the outstanding figure of the Kazakh literature, his poetry; development of cognitive interest in the history of Kazakhstan; moral education.

During the event, students 1 exchange rate (133 and 147 groups) read the great Kazakh poet of the poem, We watched a video about the life and work of the writer, took part in the intellectual game. The winner of the game student 147 Group Mukhamedzhanova Camilla was awarded the prize - a collection of poems Seyfullin.