Regional Resource Center of Petropavlovsk construction and Economics College

Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College has won the grant of MES RK, funded at the expense of the World Bank's development funds, as well as co-financing, Akim dedicated area and took part in the program "Modernization of Kazakhstan VET". 9 December 2015. by order of the Department of Education College based on the RMS resource center was opened.
Mission Resource Center – provision of construction companies in the region competitive professionals through the introduction of flexible educational programs, information - communication technologies and the close social partnership
goal: advanced training of highly qualified personnel for technology innovation by combining and concentration of modern highly educational resources for a particular kind of training.
Main goals
1. Realization of educational, technical and professional education programs, professional educational programs of post-secondary education in the sections of industrial training, educational practice
2. Development of professional competences modules, implementation of experimental educational programs.
3. Professional Education Organization (training and skills development for construction workers)
4. The holding of joint workshops, scientific and practical conferences, training seminars with organizations TVE
5. Development of social partnership between the sphere of economy and education
6. Professional orientation of students
7. Marketing research manpower and territorial educational services market
8. Organization of production and realization of production workshops and training workshops
For the implementation of the designated objectives and tasks in the resource center and Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College currently carried out in the following areas:
1. At the base of the RC 2015-2016 school year carries out practical training in the specialty "Construction and operation of buildings and structures" on 5 modules: woodwork and carpentry, stone, plastering, Decorating and painting in groups on the basis of the construction department 11 class: 203, 213, 223, 233. Also within this specialty Qualifications "Plasterer" and "Mason" was conducted job training in groups 111 and 151. Specialty "Installation and operation of internal sanitary devices, ventilation and engineering systems "in 2015-2016 school year, job training was conducted in groups 161 and 162.
2. In terms of the development of professional competencies of modules and implementation of experimental educational programs, within the framework of the PIR 2014 g. "PSEK - College, acting as a resource center, "the creative team of the construction department of the teachers had developed an experimental module program in the specialty 1401000 "Construction and operation of buildings and structures", endorsed by MES. FROM 1 September 2016 , this program will be introduced as an experiment in the same group for the stated specialty.
3. Implementing the task of training and retraining of the workforce of the construction industry on the basis of the Resource Center Training courses carried out by working trades. On the basis of the pilot program, approved by the MES, compiled modular training programs for course preparation for working professions: plasterer, mason-setter, oblytsovschyk-tiler. exchange programs are also compiled on such skills as a welder and plumber. In February 2016 year were organized monthly plasterers courses. In the summer 2016 It was scheduled three-month refresher courses and advanced training qualification "welder".
4. In terms of joint activities with organizations of the VET in February 2016 Peter and Paul, on the basis of construction and economic College Resource Center hosted the second annual Regional WorldSkills championship in three competency: "Brickwork", "Facing tiles", "Welding Technology". According to the results of the last contest WSK students of Petropavlovsk construction and economic college became prize-winners in all competences:
• «Masonry": 1 place - Stockman EA, 2 place - R. Shishkin, 3 place - Sharipov E.;
• «Welding technologies": 1 a place – Chernov S., 3 – Chaban I.;
• «Facing tiles": 1 a place – Ahzek D., 2 place - Korobeynikov E., 3 Place - Kushkeev H.
Also on the basis of the Resource Center holds seminars and round tables on topical issues in the sphere of vocational education and development of the construction fishery products in the region. In April 2016 there was held a round table with the involvement of the social partners: LLP "Basis", Number of 'Myetalloelyektrokonstruktsiya'. The theme of the event: "Preparation of competitive workers: problems and solutions ". In May 2016 at the Resource Center was held a seminar "The system of the equipment, Acquired by the PIR on the lessons of industrial training and during extracurricular activities ". The seminar was attended by teachers of special disciplines, trainers, RC and the college administration. In the short term, a workshop is planned with international participation "Resource Center of Petropavlovsk construction and Economics College: organization, work priorities and perspectives of development ".
5. The Resource Center conducted a systematic work on professional orientation of schoolchildren: "Open Days", invitation of students from districts of the region, speaking at city schools at parent meetings and talking with students.
6. Since the establishment of the Resource Center we are working purposefully to strengthen the material-technical base of the Resource Center. The participation of the project survey work has allowed us to open:
• three joinery workshops;
• two laboratories for interactive technologies and WEB programming, course and diploma design;
• five training workshops and shops: Tiled- facing shop, concrete plant, training workshops in plaster works, workshop work on CNC machines, paving slab and foam block workshop.
Since the opening of the Resource Center, the stone workshop was modernized, the carpentry-mechanical and reinforcing-welding workshops are equipped with the latest equipment. In the near future we plan to put into operation two more workshops: plumbing and blacksmith.
7. Formed in the resource center of marketing service is subject to market research human resources and territorial educational services market, which in the future will expand the range of activities of the RC.
8. The basis of the Resource Center for the complete solution of its tasks is the creation of a modern material base, where the theoretical and practical training followed by the production and sale of goods, which is a clear advantage in the development of the dual system and the development of market thinking. So, the result of the work of student entrepreneurship teams in the workshops production is established and chairs are successfully implemented, the door, paving slabs. At the moment, LLC "Base" in the RC paving slabs were constructed and distributed. A draft contract has been drawn up and sent for approval to Lira LLP for production of blocks of FBS blocks. In the future, it is planned to carry out production and subsequent sale of barbecues, heating stoves, hives.
Today, the resource center is gaining momentum, following the chosen motto "Training of personnel, innovation and new technologies in the construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan "