Акция по раздаче листовок среди студентов и преподавателей «Мы против коррупции»
Акция по раздаче листовок среди студентов и преподавателей «Мы против коррупции»
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A new stage of national development in the Republic of Kazakhstan 21 Century - Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" has become a strategic line of the entire system of education


Technological modernization and increasing productivity of economic sectors

Improvement of the institutional and business environment for the development of Kazakhstan's business

Ensuring stable financing of the economy through the priority participation of private capital

The construction of modern education systems and world-class health care

institutional reforms, security and the fight against corruption

Appreciating the importance of education education area aware of the existence and danger of corruption, which covered all sectors of society, including the education system.

Corruption in education - is the use of official position for personal gain, which significantly affects access to education, the quality and validity.

Three degrees of corruption risks in the education system:

– reforms in education can be slowed and curved;

– governance structure, education systems regardless of ownership because of its corruption a real threat to the solution of problems arising from the Strategy;

The recipients of educational services, infected with the virus of corruption, knowing the mechanisms of their fulfillment, violating the rule of law, moral and civil behavior, receiving degrees, become employees of government, financial, economic and other market structures, and this diagnosis of the disease of corruption if they have power functions, It is becoming a real threat to the constitutional foundations of the state.

Showing intolerance to manifestations of corruption each institution contributes to the fulfillment of the main objectives of the educational process and the implementation of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Charter sets out the mandatory model of behavior for every employee regardless of position, and student, as an obligatory participant of the educational process

paper (lat. charter, from the Greek. map - бумага, charter), in the Middle Ages and modern times - the name of some documents public law (constitutions, etc.. acts), which found expression demands political rights social strata and classes

In recent times the Charter in international law - a legal act, a non-binding, within the meaning close to the Declaration and the general provisions and objectives of any international agreements the subject of political and legal relations

The objectives of the Charter are:

Formation of anti-corruption awareness and strengthen the sense of Kazakh patriotism;

The involvement of young people and youth organizations in the implementation of anti-corruption policy of the state;

To promote and strengthen measures, aimed at effectively combating corruption in the education system;

Support measures in the framework of the legitimate activities, aimed at the prevention of corruption, including measures to identify the causes and conditions, facilitating corrupt behavior;

To promote integrity, responsibility, and the proper behavior of anti-corruption.

The objectives of the Charter are:

Protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and society from corruption;

Development and formation of anticorruption outlook and behavior among higher education subjects;

Increased efficiency and effectiveness in the educational, scientific, organizational and methodological activities in order to minimize and prevent risks of corruption and situations;

detection, intersection and involving strict liability of persons, involved in corruption offenses;

optimization forms, methods and means of combating corruption;

Ensure the participation of the subjects of the highest, technical and vocational education in the anti-corruption policy of the state.

we, Peter and Paul Construction and Economics College, We take anti-corruption charter

The education of young people, we follow the principles of:

increase the level of anti-corruption and legal culture;

zero tolerance for corruption;

respect for rights, freedoms, honor and dignity of other persons.

Higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of North Kazakhstan region, Concerned about the threat posed by corruption problems and threats to the state and society, undermining democratic institutions, ethical values ​​and justice, recognizing and understanding the threat of corruption throughout the country's education system, adopt this Charter.