1.1.The library is an important structural division of the Peter and Paul Construction and Economics College, providing training, scientific, help, fiction, periodicals and information materials (Further – documents) educational process, as well as disseminating knowledge center, spiritual and intellectual communication, culture.
1.2.In its activities the library is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", documents on library business and other normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, curricula and programs of the organization of education and the present position.
1.3.The organization finances the library activities and oversees its work in accordance with current legislation.
1.4.To access the funds, list of the main services and their conditions of use are determined by the rules of the library.

2. TPL
2.1.Full and timely information and library and bibliographic services students, teachers, employees and other categories of library readers, established in the rules of use of college library.
2.2.Picking library stock in accordance with the profile college, educational professional programs and information needs of readers.
2.3.Organization and management of bibliographic apparatus in an automated and traditional modes.
2.4.Participation in educational, humanitarian and educational activity of college, the formation of students' social knowledge and skills, professional interests, promotion of cultural heritage.
2.5.Formation of library and information culture, teaching readers the modern methods of search and selection of the required information, give them the skills skillful use of book.
2.6.Improvement of the library through the introduction of modern technology and computerization of library and information processes.

3. function library
3.1.Library construction of Petropavlovsk-economic college, organize differentiated service of readers in the reading room and on the subscription by the established rules of college library use, applying the methods of individual and group services.
3.2.Free provides readers basic library services: – It provides comprehensive information on the composition of the library collection through the directory system, file cabinets, and using other forms of library informing;
• provides advice on search and selection of literature;
• provides for the temporary use of publications and other documents from the library collection;
• receives from other publications library, missing in the fund;
• performs themed, address and other bibliographic references, It is at the request of bibliographies, conducts bibliographic reviews, organizing book exhibitions.
3.3.Provides Acquisition Fund in accordance with the profile of the organization, curricula and educational programs. 3.4.gets training, scientific, periodic, help, fiction and other types of publications.
3.5.keep records, accommodation and check fund, It ensures its safety and storage conditions.
3.6. Selects outdated, dilapidated, non-core and doublet books by debiting, redistribution and sharing. Eliminates literature from stock in accordance with the regulations.
3.7.Leading system of library catalogs and files in order to disclosure of the fund and assist the learning process.
3.8.Takes part in the implementation of the program of college educational work, using various forms and methods of individual and mass work.
3.9.Conducts daily statistics on its work and the necessary documentation.
3.10.Participates in continuing education and training of librarians.


4.1.Organization of the library carries the head, who reports to the head of the organization and is a member of the College Teachers' Council. Head is responsible for implementation of the tasks and functions of the library, specific job description, for the state of safety, labor protection and industrial hygiene; give orders and instructions, Required library staff, and verifies their execution.
4.2.States and the library structure approved by the head of the organization on the basis of current regulations.
4.3.library mode is set director of the organization in accordance with the labor laws and internal regulations. Once a month, the library holds sanitization facilities and fund. On this day, the library does not serve readers.
4.4.Costs of the library provided a total estimated costs of the organization. Guide provides guaranteed funding acquisition, purchase of equipment of electronic computers and copiers; It provides a library of necessary facilities in accordance with the regulations in force.
4.5.Library is the documentation and registration of their work, It provides reports and work plans in the prescribed manner.
4.6.For active work of the library staff can be provided to the awards, insignia, provided for workers Education and Culture.