Congratulations to graduates from the director of the college.

Dear Alumni, congratulations on your graduation in our Peter and Paul Construction – экономи-ческом колледже.

ОToday, education is the main factor in the success of man and society as a whole..

В нелегкий для всех нас период времени, in a pandemic, completing distance learning, you showed patience, tenacity.

Мир невозможно представить без цифровых технологий. The Digital Kazakhstan program approved by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan yielded positive results. This academic year, the entire education system has switched to digital educational resources.. And we successfully coped with the task, fully used IT technology in distance learning. You have shown your knowledge at a high level, which gives a qualitative assessment of our work.

Впереди – время больших свершений, the beginning of a serious professional path. This significant - 2020 year, saturated with anniversary dates: 750-anniversary of the Golden Horde, 1150-anniversary of the philosopher Al-Farabi, 175-anniversary of the Great Kazakh writer and educator Abay Kunanbaev, 120-anniversary of an academic writer, classic of Kazakh literature Sabit Mukanov, 25-Anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. And your release is undoubtedly special. In a rapidly changing world, the main factor in the successful development of the country are people, their knowledge, talents and patriotism. President expresses confidence, the young generation will justify our trust and will be able to bring Kazakhstan to the number of 30 advanced states of the planet. Our college, following the words of the Head of State, готовит квалифицированных, competitive, successful professionals, able to make a significant contribution to the development of their region, своей страны.

Сегодня мы вместе с вами переворачиваем еще одну славную страницу истории нашего колледжа и с надеждой смотрим в завтрашний день. It's time to put significant, truly adult goals. No doubt, are you ready for this, and college gave you a reliable baggage of professional knowledge, skills.

Желания и стремления вашего поколения определяют будущее Казахстана, the face of modern society, in which we have to live. Do not be afraid of difficulties, confidently overcome them and conquer new heights. Let your wildest plans come true. I wish you happiness, health, well-being and good luck!