First International Chef Competition “DELARUK Astana 2012”

FROM 17 by 20 April 2012 of the year in the city of Astana, the first International competition of cooks “DELARUK Astana 2012”, among the teams of chefs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Of Russia, Moldavia, Of Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Austria and many other countries.
The junior team from the North Kazakhstan region was represented by students of the technological department of the Petropavlovsk Construction and Economic College in the amount of 4 human: Chef – Raevsky Georgy student of the group 427, cook – Kutepov Vladimir student of the group 237, confectioner – Faut Xenia student group 327, the waiter Semenov Konstantin student of the group 327 and participant of the carving competition Rakhmatulin Ruslan student of the group 237. Team leader – head of the technological department Kelba Natalya Mikhailovna and master of industrial training Gorbach Svetlana Aleksandrovna.
The purpose of this competition – popularization of cookery skills of highly professional cuisine, development of the restaurant business, as an industry. The competition is intended to facilitate the exchange of work experience, identification of promising directions for the development of the art of cooking, improving professional skills and team spirit.
The competition was held in the following categories:
-Team competition among professionals and juniors;
-Individual competition;
-Art class;
-Carving Championship;
-Master classes;
-Special Exhibition.
Sections of the team presented the following dishes to the jury::
-Spring Caprice salad
-Hot "Fish Mix"
-Dessert "Temptation"
The judging of the competition was carried out according to international rules, assessed by international judges, invited from Moscow, represented by the Chairman of the Guild of Chefs Association, chief consultants of "CONVOTHERM" Roman Suvorov, Of Italy, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Of Ukraine, Azerbaijan.
For the first place in the team competition for service and the second place for the preparation and serving of European cuisine, the college junior team was awarded gold and silver medals. Memorable gifts.
College student Ruslan Rakhmatullin received a certificate of gratitude for participating in the carving competition.