Information about the hostel building of Petropavlovsk-economic college

Peter and Paul the hostel building and economic college is located at

▪ he Valikhanova, 15.

▪ Dormitory -1.

▪ Total area - 3180 sq.m.

▪ The design capacity is 270 people.

Rooms for living - 93, area 18 sq.m. Each room is occupied by 3 people, which corresponds to sanitary and hygienic standards.

The hostel has:

– kitchens – 4, equipped with stoves;

- hygiene rooms on each floor

- laundry - 3rd floor, 3 automatic machines - opening hours: daily from 12.00 to 20.00.

- laundry - 2nd floor, equipped with 2 automatic machines - working hours from 9.00 to 21.00

- Recreation room - 1, equipped with a TV, karaoke center, fiction, media publications. Events are held from 20.00 to 22.00 on Thursdays and weekends. Many students study in the recreation room for the time of self-study.

Имеются информационный стенд, где отображается жизнь общежития, а именно: режим дня, расписание звонков, расписание смен, различного рода объявления.

На момент заселения с каждым студентом заключается договор на проживание. Оплата в месяц 3500 тг. в кассу колледжа.Вселение в общежитие происходит 31 августа.

The hostel is equipped with a fire alarm and video surveillance system.

В общежитии пропускная система. Пропуск на каждого студента оформляется одновременно с договором. Все студенты поставлены на временный учет.

Каждое лето в общежитии производится косметический ремонт. Произведена полная замена окон, происходила в 3 этапа, частично заменены двери (54). За последнее время в ходе реального проектирования произведен ремонт в 12 комнатах.

All life in the dormitory is subject to the rules of residence, which are reflected in the Regulations on living in the PSEC hostel, the Regulations were developed by the college administration and approved by the director.

In the autumn-winter period, the hostel closes at 21.00 for security reasons, in the spring-summer period at 22.00. In the hostel, the duty of college teachers and a police officer is organized.

Для более эффективной работы избран Совет общежития, который является помощником в работе для воспитателей и всей администрации.

Hostel Council meetings are held, at which issues of compliance with the rules of residence are considered. All decisions of the Hostel Council are posted on the stand for public review. Meetings were organized with the IDN, the district inspector for compliance with legal norms, and repeated meetings with medical workers.

Dormitory students attend a vocal circle, a weightlifting hall, boxing, futsal, basketball, volleyball, play chess and togyz kumalak.

The dormitory council at the beginning of the school year announced a competition for the best room. Results are summed up every quarter

A close relationship has been established with curators, parents of students living in the hostel.