Events for the Message of President of Kazakhstan

In the Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College have been scheduled activities to explain the President's Address to the Nation "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform, development".
8 On December, Student Conference, at which representatives from each department. In their reports, the students covered by one of the five areas of crisis management and structural reforms, which have been offered the Head of State 30 November this year. In their speeches the guys mentioned that they, both students, and in the near future as a professional, He appealed part of the Message, which said the support of the State, who can work, and on ways to implement a new project “Free vocational education for all ", as well as large-scale financial support of the population, called "new social policy".
9 December a conference was held with the participation of the deputy chief of the Office of Education VS Tkachenko, College Director N.D.Uhova, also attended the conference guests of honor: Director of "Ground" Timofeev, SP. and the deputy of the city maslikhat Tazhin ZH.U. The conference was attended by students from 10 city ​​colleges. Speakers noted, that the current treatment is the most important event in the political life of our country, where once again indicated, that the focus of current policy should be first and foremost the needs of people and the creation of jobs. Message to the Leader of the Nation, As in previous years,, striking in its scale and with the reality of problems, put forward in the coming years.
10 December, in the Center of the World and Consent construction of Petropavlovsk-Economic College hosted a round table "The appeal to the young", which was also dedicated to the Message of the President. The basic idea of ​​all the presentations and discussions was the question of the treatment of H. Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's youth, which was announced 30 November 2015 of the year. President speaks to us, youth, which receives the working profession to actively develop specialty workers, how did he Elbasy:
"I encourage our youth, actively explore the workings specialties. It is necessary to develop working skills. At the time, I also started with a working overalls, I stood at the blast furnace. take the example of! It will take years, but this experience definitely come in handy, whatever fate you do not elect ".
These words became the motto of the call and held a round table.
The college has been updated in a timely manner stands and banners on the Message of the President