date of creation: 9 December 2015. the order of the RMS Education Department on the basis of the Peter and Paul Construction and Economic College Resource Center was opened.

Mission Resource Center – through the introduction of flexible educational programs providing construction companies and enterprises of the region competitive power specialists, information - communication technologies and the close social partnership

goal: advanced training of highly qualified personnel for technology innovation by combining and concentration of modern highly educational resources for a particular kind of training.

Main goals

1. Realization of educational, technical and professional education programs, professional educational programs of post-secondary education in the sections of industrial training, educational practice.

2. Development of professional competences modules, implementation of experimental educational programs.

3. Short-term programs of professional education organization (training, training and retraining of working professions).

4. The holding of joint workshops, scientific and practical conferences, training seminars with organizations TVE.

5. Development of social partnership between the sphere of economy and education

6. Professional orientation of students.

7. Marketing research manpower and territorial educational services market.

8. Organization of production and realization of production plants.